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I’m Kate and I encourage busy women to embrace a simple wardrobe and a more intentional life.

Simplifying my wardrobe has helped me feel good, confident, and put together without investing tons of money, time, and energy. Paring down my wardrobe to the essentials, to pieces that I love, doen’t feel contraining to me. To the contrary, I feel more satisfied with my wardrobe than I ever was.

On a hearty matter you will find

… fashion inspiration that you can actually integrate in your daily life.

… tips for simplifying your wardrobe in order to have more time, money, and energy for those things in life that are way more important than your outfit.

… strategies on how to love getting dressed in the morning.

… ideas on how to simplify your life beyond your closet.

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More about me and a hearty matter

I started a hearty matter on my maternity leave as a creative outlet to my overflowing mind and as a way to connect with all of the amazing women and moms out there.

Then, when being a mom still felt new and a little foreign, I started sharing what worked for us (like baby-led weaning). I also shared more personal feelings about becoming a mom and adjusting to this new life. When I started working again, I shared how I coped with all my responsibilities. Sharing my first year of motherhood has been important to me and it has allowed me to meet so many great women. But not only has my son matured into a toddler, I have matured as a mom. Being a mom is truly me now – it’s no longer something I need to wrap my head around.

My simplifying journey

One important change that took place in parallel to my first year of motherhood was that I started to simplify. I had always enjoyed clean and calm spaces, I had always felt overwhelmed by clutter, but it wasn’t until 2015 that I started piecing everything together and started working towards a more intentional and simple life myself.

The original motivation behind simplifying clearly was that I was overwhelmed and I wanted to gain back control. I also simply didn’t have the time to elaborately clean the apartment. Neither did I have time to stand in front of the closet for 10 minutes and figure out what I would want to wear that day. I had lost track of what we owned because I didn’t use it anymore, but at the same time I felt so overwhelmed by all the clutter. I am sure that part of feeling overwhelmed was due to my raging hormones. But I also know that after I decluttered my clothes, our books, our papers, and our kitchen, I felt great about our belongings again. I simply haven’t looked back – in fact, I don’t even remember most of the things we gave away – so clearly we didn’t need them.

Now, striving towards a simple life is my way to feel at ease with all that is going on in my life.

I work full-time, I love writing for a hearty matter, I love going on runs, I love to cook healthy meals, I love spending time with my husband and our son. Simplifying my life and my belongings has become my approach to make the crazy manageable. There are many things in life that are important to me, but also many things I have let go.

One important aspect of simple living has been simplifying my closet.

I have been interested in fashion for a long time. In fact, I spent a large part of my 20s devouring Vogue. But fashion no longer means to me wearing the latest trends or obsessing over the latest bag. I cannot remember the last time I bought Vogue. I don’t know the hottest fashion bloggers. I don’t know which bag is the “right” one to wear right now, and I don’t even know the biggest trends right now. When it comes to fashion, my focus is now on style, on my personal style.


In the end, all of it – my capsule wardrobe, healthy living, simplifying our house and life – ties into making intentional decisions and choosing quality over quantity.

This is a philosophy that many of you subscribe to. The part that we struggle with is making it reality in our lives.

I want to encourage you to dare to live a simpler life. Get rid of the clutter and see how you feel. You don’t need to do a whole KonMari declutter. Start small.

Just start.

Are you going to join me on this journey of simplifying? Then let’s stay in touch!