The capsule wardrobe: My take for Fall/Winter 2015

In case you missed my post on creating a capsule wardrobe and you are wondering what the heck I am talking about, click here. Also as a little disclaimer, I work in an office environment where business casual is the norm, hence the lack of suits. With that out of the way, let’s get right into my capsule wardrobe for fall and winter 2015…


Tops (9 items):


white tank top (uniqlo), grey tank top and white tank top (both H&M);


blue shirt (Ralph Lauren), blue and white Oxford shirts (both uniqlo), white shirt (asos), creme flannel shirt (uniqlo), red flannel shirt (H&M)


Skirts and dresses (4 items):


Camel skirt and green skirt (both by COS), black knee-length print dress (uniqlo), black and navy knee-length knit dress (COS)


Bottoms (3 items):


black leggings (H&M), grey jeans (COS), mustard-colored jeans (COS)


Pullover (4 items):


Cashmere pullover in beige and grey, green pullover, navy pullover (all COS)


Cardigans (4 items):


blue shawl cardigan (COS), grey shawl cardigan (Comptoir de Cottoniers), grey shawl cardigan (H&M), and black boxy cardigan (uniqlo)



Outerwear (4 items):


blazer (Gant), parka (Barbour), down parka (Woolrich), down coat (Duvetica)



Shoes (6 items):


asos Chelsea boots, Pedro Garcia boots, Ugg boots, Nike trainers, Saint Laurent slip-ons, Marc’o Polo loafers (all of which need a decent scrub…)


This equals a total of 34 items. I am actually surprised about my total – I really thought I would have to debate which items to use and which ones to throw out in order to stay within my limit. But actually it was really easy to pick those 34 items, because (1) I really like them and (2) because after my closet clean-out, there were only a couple more items left that are appropriate for fall and winter…

If you want to read more about Project Declutter, check out my closet clean-out, my books and documents purge, my kitchen declutter, my take on Marie Kondo’s book, and my capsule wardrobe challenge. Also stay tuned for next week for the last installment of Project Declutter.



Kate is a capsule wardrobe and uniform dressing enthusiast who encourages busy women to embrace a smaller wardrobe and a more intentional lifestyle.
Kate continues to work on simplifying her life – freeing up time and energy on those things in life that are most important to her.


  1. seems like a very practical yet elegant capsule. I’ve been following the project 333 for almost a year now and it’s a huge relief both money and emotion-wise. however, after enjoying the many benefits of having fewer clothes, even 33 pieces are hard to put together for 3 month sometimes 🙂 most pieces go along with 2 or more capsules eventhough the season changes. and I use, just like you, the same simple jewellery and a single leather belt, the same sunglasses and a total of 4 handbags the whole year. so your version of capsule wardrobe really resonates with me. thank you for the inspiration!

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